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16 October 2018 Multimedia

Unmasking the Myths of the Palm Oil Industry

  1. Eugenie Mathieu
  2. Alan Lok, CFA
  3. Guruprasad Jambunathan
  4. Clara Melot
  5. Rocky Tung

Palm oil is a commodity used in various consumer-related products, from cosmetics to cleaning products to pre-packaged food. With rising demand for the commodity also comes increased concerns about the risks it poses to the environment and investors. Highlighted concerns about the palm oil sectors include the associated impact of deforestation, pollution, as well as health impact.


Industry players have taken actions to ensure that the growth of the sector is sustainable and to address concerns. For instance, the Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil, a multi-stakeholder forum, provides four supply chain certification systems to facilitate the recognition and development of sustainable palm oil. The million-dollar question, though, still remains – what else can be done to mitigate risks related to the palm oil sector, especially with the soaring demand for the commodity?


In conjunction with CFA Society Indonesia, CFA Society Malaysia, CFA Society Singapore, and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), CFA Institute has organized a webinar on 16 October to unmask the myths of the palm oil industry. Panelists with different POVs within the industry will cover the following topics and more:


  • Outlook of the palm oil industry
  • Investors’ perception and concerns in the industry
  • Key ESG risks of the industry and solutions to the risks
  • Examples of initiatives undertaken by different stakeholders of the industry
  • Regulatory actions undertaken by various governments, if any
This is the archived version of a live webinar that took place on 16 September 2018.


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