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4 February 2016 Multimedia

Ethics & Trust in Finance - 2015 Laureates Interviews

  1. Josina Kamerling

CFA Institute is supporting the Ethics & Trust in Finance Prize which invites students and young finance professionals to submit a paper setting out innovative ideas to promote ethics and integrity in finance.

The prize is committed to implementing ideas on how to promote trust and ethical behavior across the profession within the finance sector.

Below are video interviews of several laureates of the latest edition of the Prize who explain to Josina Kamerling, Head of Regulatory Outreach at CFA Institute and member of the jury for the Prize, the ideas behind their essays.

Ross Murdoch: Behavioural Ethics and the Next Generation in Finance

Christian Buckson: Can Complex Firms Be Ethical: an Argument for Simplicity of Financial Institution

Josh Glendinning: Moving Upwardly: Lessons from Mobile Payments in Kenya

Anshuman Mehta: Can Design Thinking Help Enhancing Empathy in Finance

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